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Puppy Bath Massage Brush

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Build your special bond 🐶
Give your puppy the best bath massage with this amazing scrub! 💕
  • Our massage brush is made of SOFT SILICONE bristles that gives your pup a gentle feel on the fur. 
  • Build special bond for you and your sweet pet while massaging her skin, removing dust, loosening and shedding her hair.
  • With shampoo dispensing design, the Pet Brush massages improves blood circulation, giving your dog a very LUXURIOUS bath.
  • Special non slip Hand grip design offers you a comfortable grip. Just squeeze slightly and the shampoo can easily come out and save you lots of pet shampoo.
  • Works great on dogs and cats with all sizes and short hair types. The shampoo dispensing adapts all kinds of liquid, especially for special care shampoo.
  • Just open the cap on the top so that you can clean the brush easily.

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