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Premium Quality Raincoat for Dogs


“Rain Rain Go Away! Come Again Another Day!” But not anymore! The premium quality raincoat for dogs ensures that your woof buddy gets the best of the weather, whether it rains or snows. This cute little hooded raincoat is double-layered to keep your pup warm and dry. The extra buttons and zip allow you to adjust the fitting, making it easy for your pooch to move around. A small opening on the upper back of the raincoat makes it convenient for harness users. The bright yellow color and intricate details of this premium quality raincoat for dogs will cut through the grey, gloomy weather and brighten up the streets just like the sun’s rays.


  • DOUBLE LAYERED DESIGN – Double layered zip-up raincoat with additional buttons makes putting this coat on easy as well as adjustable and stylish.
  • WATER RESISTANT – Completely water-resistant and will keep your dog safe and dry in all weather conditions.
  • HARNESS & ADJUSTABLE FRIENDLY – Contains a small opening on the upper back of the rain jacket for harness users. Made adjustable to fit any dog breed.

1.It can use a wrung-out wet cloth to wipe the surface of the raincoat. It's machine washable. Please use gentle machine wash with cold water and hang dry.
2.Please note that the raincoat runs snug since the material made is not stretchy. Medium & larger dog breeds should add up to two inches for the chest measurements when picking their size to prevent the raincoat from being too tight.

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