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Pet Teepee with Plush Bed

Give your cats/dogs a comfortable and warm Little House. Your pet will definitely appreciate having his/her own little space.

Each pet teepee comes equipped with a removable plush pet bed cushion, which will let your fur baby rest in ultimate comfort on a soft cushioned surface while they snooze to their heart's content. A sealable entrance gives you the opportunity to close the curtains at the moments you want to give your pet a feeling of safety and privacy, or to store their toys and accessories away and out of sight when not in use.

This also features a non-slip grip bottom that will also hold the teepee in place so that it does not slip when your pet enters or moves around inside, or easily move if they try to push and pull it around when they are feeling bored and destructive. 

These pet tents are made from high-quality 100% Cotton Canvas fabric, which is supported by strong and sturdy Natural Pine Wood support poles. 

Easy to assemble and disassemble, simply fold the teepee dog bed down when not in use to save space or pack away for travelling, or take apart to when it's time to clean and wash.

Suitable for pets up to 18 kgs or 39.68 lbs.

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