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Pet Booster Car Seat


“Wheeee!” It’s time for a trip out of town. But what’s this? Your baby got so distracted by the large billboard of oven-fresh sausages that she fell off the car seat and hit the floor? If this is what happens every time you take your pet babies for a long drive, then it is time to give this Pet Booster Car Seat a thought.

Designed to protect, comfort, hold and elevate your furry babies, this Pet Booster Car Seat comes with extra padding and a strong restraining belt. This high-end car seat for pets is twice as luxurious, cute, cushy, and safe as the ones that are available in the market.

The Pet Booster Car Seat is easy to clean and machine washable. If your babies are still learning the human ways, with our Pet Booster Car Seat, you can now show them what it means to “Sit back and enjoy the ride!”

  • Side pocket for extra storage
  • Size (seat) 19.7x19.7x9.9 inches; cushion (15.8x17.7 inches)
  • Only Suitable for Small Pets (up to 35 lbs)


Two-seater pet car booster:

 Size: 80x55x35cm | 31x21x13 Inches

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