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Interactive Dog Chew Toys


Have fun under the sun with your fur buddy with this Interactive Dog Chew toy! This chew toy is great for tug of war, chewing, and very much easy to use! You and your best pal will definitely enjoy it!

This is a multifunctional toy for dogs to play outdoors. It integrates the functions of tug-of-war, squeaking, leaking food, molar, and dog chew cotton rope. The molar ball is made of TPR material produced by Bayer.Germany. It adopts a reinforcement design and comes with a cotton dog bite rope, Indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers.

  • Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers / Out dog-tug-of-war Dog Toy   - This interactive dog toy is also an interesting tug-of-war toy. When the dog is pulling and biting the ball, the supper stability of the ground will stimulate your dog's desire to win and lose when playing, also attract your dog's interest in playing.
  • Molar Squeaky Toy  - The bigger molar ball and thicker ball surface are resistant to the dog's bite. It also has a  food leaking function, you can put snacks in the snack slot to play as a food-dispensing toy. When your dog bites the dog chew toy, it will make a squeaky sound, which will better attract your dog's attention.
  • Easy to Use - Fix the tie-out stick on the lawn or soft ground, or directly wrap the elastic rope around the outdoor stadium equipment or the trunk of the outskirts. It can be used as a stretch rope ball for dogs, which does not only released your dog's energy but also enables your dog to do exercise.
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