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Chubby Chick Style Condo Cat Tree

Note: Delivery time for this oversize product takes 4-6 weeks.

Sturdy construction, all-natural materials, and a whimsical design highlight The Chubby Chick Style Condo Cat Tree. This Cat Tree is a unique addition to any household, it provides your cat with hours of entertainment and exercise while encouraging natural scratching behavior. The fully Sisal Rope-Wrapped Post offers optimal scratching satisfaction, while the elevated bed is soft, plush, and provides a comfy resting spot for napping. The top perch includes a fluffy batting toy for your kitty to bat around or nap on—it's so comfy you'll want to nap up there too!
*Pet toys are designed for supervised play only. They are not intended as a chew toy or for extended use. All pet toys should be inspected regularly for damage. This toy should be taken away from your pet if damage is observed. If the toy becomes torn, ripped split or it emits a strong odor, replace the toy immediately.  Keep out of reach of children  
Size: 16*16* 30 inches
Material: sisal rope, Polyester fiber wood-based panel
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